Dear Potential Future Clients,

Choosing an advertising partner is a massive decision—not to be taken lightly. In an effort to maintain transparency and avoid miscommunication, I thought it would be best to pen this page personally as the Founder & CEO.

I strongly advocate being upfront about what to expect before entering a business partnership. It is with this principle in mind that I aim to explain why we may (or may not) be the optimal fit for you.

To hoping it resonates,

Ryan Walker

We're Experts at Generating Traffic & Sales | We Can't Perform Miracles

Our primary mastery lies in digital advertising, but what truly sets us apart is our proficiency in managing expectations. We are here for those seeking genuine results, candid assessments, and a collaborative relationship.

While we take pride in the success of our campaigns, we acknowledge that, on rare occasions, they may fall short of expectations due to factors beyond our control. These include competitor strategic bids, evolving platform-specific compliance requirements, or unfavorable market trends.

Success may not always be guaranteed due to these variables, but we can guarantee our hard work and expertise in figuring out where things went wrong. When faced with such cases, we leave no stone unturned in determining the reasons behind the lack of performance and use that knowledge to shape potential strategies for future endeavors.

It is important to distinguish between a justification and an excuse. I am committed to ensuring my team consistently aligns with the appropriate side of this distinction.

We'll Grow Your Business | You Can't Outsource Success

This is a team sport. Even with our best efforts, without your active participation, success can be elusive.

Ultimately, it is our role to drive sales and generate leads. However, it is equally as important for us to ensure that you fulfill your commitments on the backend.

Consider this scenario: A customer visits your eCommerce website with the intention of making a purchase. Their journey should be seamless and enjoyable, with timely product delivery and an exceptional customer experience.

When we generate leads and inquiries start pouring in, it is vital that your team answers promptly and handles them in a professional manner. Otherwise, you run the risk of competitors seizing the opportunity.

Although this may sound self-explanatory to most, it is essential to grasp the realities of the online marketplace. In cutthroat industries, your rivals are likely to be aggressive and highly efficient. We are, and you need to be as well.

If your company lacks the necessary framework to handle high-quality traffic and the culture to be dedicated partners, our approach may not be the ideal fit for you.

Patience Is a Virtue | Sustainable Success Demands Time

In the realm of digital marketing, overnight success is a rarity—it demands time and perseverance. In our fast-paced world, we often overlook the importance of patience. At Walker Media, we abide by the 90-Day Rule as a guiding principle. This approach allows us to thoroughly comprehend and fine-tune our campaigns, ensuring their long-term effectiveness.

Tweaking a campaign isn’t easy. It requires vigilant monitoring and regular evaluations. During the initial 90 days, we diligently gather important data, analyze emerging trends, and make necessary adjustments to our strategy. It’s important to avoid jumping to conclusions based on early results, as this could jeopardize the campaign’s future success.

In short, we want our partners to realize that patience is the secret ingredient to a winning digital advertising campaign. It enables us to embrace the notion that collecting data, making informed decisions, and reaping sustainable rewards all require a bit of time.

We'll Help You Pick the Right Package | We Don’t Budge on Pricing & Billing 

Just as a business subscribes to SAAS platforms such as HubSpot or Adobe for its team, our services also require a similar, subscription-based payment process using a business credit card.

After auditing our time, we realized how many valuable hours were being misused chasing payments and rectifying invoicing delays—hours that could otherwise be invested in enhancing our services and improving your campaigns. This realization prompted us to make this payment policy a mandatory part of our operations.

Ultimately, establishing clear systems for how we conduct business enables us to focus wholeheartedly on yours.

Still Game? Let's Work Together

Don’t take this the wrong way—I’m eager to win your business and help you reach your goals! Over the years, our experience has taught us that partnerships founded on the principles mentioned above yield top-notch outcomes for all parties involved.

I understand that you are currently contemplating whether to entrust my company with your hard-earned money in an industry where over 90% of online ads fall short. I know; it’s a tough decision for both of us.

The good news is we’ve dedicated a collective 30+ years to crafting robust systems and strategies that learn from failures and pave the way to success. As a testament to our expertise, we have successfully assisted more than 115 businesses in investing tens of millions of dollars, resulting in remarkable returns on their investments.

For this partnership to thrive, it’s essential that we establish a foundation of openness right from the start, and that is precisely the purpose of this message.

If everything I’ve mentioned resonates with you, I can’t wait to work together!

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