Why We Do, What We Do

Hi, my name is Ryan, the founder of this boutique digital marketing & advertising shop you found yourself in. A few years ago, I took to the internet to start my first online business. In the process, I learned how to build a brand and market online, and it changed my life dramatically for the better. Because of this, my mission is to show people and businesses how to take advantage of the single greatest opportunity generator in history. And I started Walker Media to do just that.

How We Do It

Our process is simple & effective. We create beautiful websites that deliver your brand in a clean, conversion-centric manner. Then, we drive the right traffic to that website with digital advertising, social media, and scroll stopping creative. The formula is simple, repeatable, and scalable, and we specialize in executing from start to finish. See below to learn more about how we use each area of digital marketing to help your business grow online.

Your Online Home

Web Design

Would you want to live in a home that is cluttered, ugly, and unorganized, making your guests want to leave the moment they step in the door? We didn’t think so.

That’s how you should think of your website; it's your online home. The place to showcase everything that makes your business unique. We know how important this is, so we take pride in designing beautiful, insanely clean websites that attract visitors and make them stay by delivering an engaging user experience.

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Your Traffic Machine

Digital Advertising

People spend a lot of time on their phones. The daily average is approaching a staggering four hours, and the typical internet user spends an astonishing six hours online every day.

Because of these incredible numbers, your ideal buyer is more accessible than ever, no matter what you do or where you are. Our specialty lies in reaching this audience by using online advertising's remarkable targeting capabilities to put your business in front of your dream customer base.

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A Necessity For Modern Business

Social Media

Today, people connect with companies that develop a personal relationship with them where they hang out online - social media. It’s a powerful tool, yet incredibly time-consuming and challenging to stand out.

That’s where we come in. We create transformative social accounts that become a lucrative channel for nurturing prospects and publicizing your business.

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Eye Catching Visuals

Content Production

Developing creative content is crucial when a business needs to define its story. Working in collaboration with our clients, we create enticing content that captures your target audience’s attention through photography and videography.

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Let's Chat

We don’t take you reaching out to us lightly and can’t wait to learn more about what you hope to achieve. All you need to do to take that next step in building your dream brand online is to fill out the contact form below.

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